CBD Hemp Flower, 7 Grams, Certified Organic

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Why Choose Pure Potent Hemp Flower? Pure Potent’s premium organic CBD Hemp Flower has been expertly crafted and grown domestically in the U.S.A. Our full spectrum hemp flower is rich in CBD and terpenes. Our terpenes give off an amazing aroma and taste great. Our Farms are NOFA organic certified and much care goes into ensuring top shelf quality. We hand pick main colas during harvest and slowly hang dry to cure. Inhaling CBD Hemp Flower is fast-acting and effective with regards to the absorption rate and bio-availability. We believe CBD hemp to be cleaner and more potent then nicotine tobacco. Our strains have a diverse cannabinoid profile that lets you experience the synergy of full spectrum.

We package with food grade quality in mind. (glass jars)

We independently test from harvest to point of sale to ensure purity and potency.

Non GMO and Organic Certified Please Check Our Lab Analysis (COAs)

Suave haze Suave haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that is considered intoxicating.  With cool north east end of the season brings out a beautiful purple color and has plenty of purple due to the cooler weather. This flower comes bursting out of the jar with Floral and citrus notes with hints of sour apples.These dense buds were traditionally grown for its high resin content. No wonder why the cannabinoid and terpene content are off the chart.  

Lifter As the story goes this strain was mostlikely named after the ICONIC Tomato Cultivar “Mortgage Lifter” Thisis High in CBD Hemp strain that has become a staple in the Hemp world being that it has been around from the beginning. It carries a pungent aroma with fruity undertones.The taste is equally sweet and resembling a tropical fruit with hints of berries.  This flower is Hybrid and it’s a combination of Suave haze and ERB (early resin berry)  

Special sauce Special sauce is high in CBD hemp strain that has been considered an Indica dominant hybrid.  A common characteristic of Special sauceis the Earthy, berry and sweet aromas. A true full spectrum strain with diverse, high percentage of cannabinoids.It has a diverse profilewith decent amounts of CBG CBGA CBCA CBCVA along with the more common cannabinoids like CBD an THC. sell with the diverse and high level of cannabinoids this should give you an intense entourage effect.These seeds are always in high demand and sell out fast.